Warts Don’t Come From Frogs!

Kendra Salazar, PA-C | 03/20/2019

Like many viruses, the wart virus lives out in the world, unseen, on any object and we touch many objects throughout the day.


A Patients’ Guide to Skin Cancer by Dr. Michael Pelster, MD, FAAD

Michael Pelster M.D., F.A.A.D. | 03/11/2019

Skin cancer is the most common human cancer. It is thought to be more common than all other cancer types combined.


What is Acne

Alexander Marzuka, M.D. | 02/27/2019

Acne not only causes physical symptoms like pain, but it also has a tremendous impact on emotional health and self-image.


How to Get the Best Results from Your Retinoid

Heather Tran, PA-C | 02/12/2019

Many dermatologists consider retinoids as a must-have in your skincare regimen, however, those outside the field are likely unaware of how they work.


Get Radiant Skin With Clear and Brilliant Laser System

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 08/27/2018

The Clear + Brilliant Laser System is specially designed to enhance the appearance of your skin and reduce premature aging signs.


National Psoriasis Month

Toni Smith, PA-C | 08/14/2018

Psoriasis is a skin disease that affects more than 7 million people from the United States.


Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Botox.

Mai Nguyen | 07/27/2018

Botox is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the U.S., but there are common misconceptions and confusion around how Botox really works.


New to SkinMedica®? Here Are 4 Products We Always Recommend.

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 07/11/2018

Having great skin is not just about having good genetics –how you treat your skin on a daily basis has a huge impact on what you see in the mirror!


The Liquid Facelift – What is Sculptra?

Kelly Duncan, M.D. | 05/09/2018

Sculptra works from within. It stimulates your body’s natural collagen production and is injected where we tend to lose collagen the most.


Eskata – A New Way to Treat Wisdom Spots

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 04/27/2018

Eskata is the new FDA approved treatment for raised seborrheic keratoses that uses a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide.


6 Myths About Ultherapy

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 04/11/2018

I sat down with our very own nurse and National Ultherapy trainer for Merz, Virginia Marx, R.N. to discuss the truths and myths about Ultherapy.


Could your Clothes be Causing Bacne?

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 03/27/2018

We may not always see it, but the next time you plan to wear a backless dress or go swimming, you may start to worry about noticeable “bacne”.


Tips and Tricks to Combat Scaly Skin

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 11/20/2017

Cold weather irritations can pose a problem at this time of year and sometimes a simple moisturizer isn’t enough.


Say Goodbye to Facial Parentheses with Juvederm Vollure

Kelly Duncan, M.D. | 07/25/2017

We are so excited to offer our patients the newest generation hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal filler: Juvederm Vollure.


The Non-Surgical Way to Improve Skin Tone and Texture

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 06/28/2017

Ultherapy has become increasingly appealing over the years because it yields natural looking results and offers minimal downtime.


What is the V-Beam Perfecta Pulsed Dye Laser?

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 06/14/2017

We’re answering questions about using the V-beam Perfecta Pulsed Dye laser to treat redness and scarring from acne.


Medical Facials and Skincare Products for Acne Prone Skin

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 06/13/2017

June is acne awareness month, so we’re on a mission to answer the most frequently asked questions about the most popular acne treatment options.


In-office Chemical Peels for Acne

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 06/13/2017

We’re here to set the record straight: a chemical peel does not mean your entire face will peel off leaving raw, burnt skin.


Fraxel Laser for Acne Scars

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 06/13/2017

We sat down with Siti Yahya, licensed medical aesthetician in our Katy office, to learn more about using the Fraxel laser to treat acne scars.


Everything You Need to Know About SkinPen

Sherry Ingraham, M.D. | 06/13/2017

We sat down with Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Kristy Saucedo, to ask her some of the most common patient questions we receive about SkinPen.


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