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At Advanced Dermatology, our Houston, TX dermatology team specializes in performing skin cancer screenings, diagnosing the condition, and treating melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma. If you have been diagnosed with skin cancer, we know it can feel overwhelming to receive the news, but rest assured, our team will take good care of you throughout your treatment. One of the most important things to us is to ensure you feel acknowledged and listened to whenever you visit us or even if you call us to ask a simple question. While providing compassionate care, our dermatologists will discuss your needs and go over cryosurgery, electrodesiccation, topical chemotherapy, and Mohs surgery in detail. If you have a suspicious-looking mole or skin growth anywhere on your body, we strongly encourage you to have it checked out. Please schedule an appointment with our experienced team.

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Cryosurgery (or freezing cells for removal) uses liquid nitrogen to freeze unwanted precancer or cancer cells to dehydrate them so they will fall off.

Basal cell carcinomas (BCC) grow deep within the skin, but their large presence does not impact the lymph nodes or any other parts of your body.

Electrodesiccation and curettage are removal techniques available to patients with skin growths (the electrical current dehydrates the lesion).

By developing a melanoma, you have one of the most aggressive types of cancer and need to seek out an experienced dermatologist to strategize a plan.

Mohs micrographic surgery by Dr. Michael Pelster is the treatment of choice for basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and high-risk tumors.

If you are experiencing skin lesions, moles that have changed color, symmetry, or size, you should receive a skin cancer screening.

Squamous cell carcinoma, also known as SCC, is a very treatable form of skin cancer when it is detected in the early stages of cancer development.

Under the supervision of our board-certified dermatologists and physician assistants, you may qualify for topical cancer treatments for SCC or BCC.

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