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At Advanced Dermatology, we offer professional extractions, chemical peels, medications, and photodynamic therapy to treat acne and acne scars.

Unsightly lesions can cause embarrassment and irritation, and our team can improve your appearance with safe yet simple lesion removal techniques.

Disfiguring birthmarks that are highly visible, like port-wine stains, hemangiomas, or moles, can be assessed and treated at Advanced Dermatology.

Psoriasis (or plaque psoriasis) is a prevalent chronic skin condition that can affect the skin on the knees, feet, elbows, nails, joints, and scalp.

Rosacea can feel and look hot and tender to the touch as it inflames and reddens the skin around your nose and the apples of the cheeks on your face.

Painful and persistent, shingles (from the varicella-zoster virus) is likely to be found on the mid-body. However, shingles can develop anywhere.

Although this contagious skin condition is not an infection, scabies is an infestation of very small mites that stay on the outer layer of human skin.

If you are experiencing a recurrent rash or a skin irritation that will not go away with home remedies, schedule to see one of our practitioners.

Advanced Dermatology can help you manage a molluscum outbreak to lessen the damage that this viral skin infection can do to your suffering skin.

Red, inflamed skin that is continuously itchy is called dermatitis. We treat contact and seborrheic dermatitis at all our dermatology practices.

Left untreated or underdiagnosed, actinic keratosis (a precursor to skin cancer) can spread and evolve into a scaly, bumpy lesion that is cancerous.

Just by touching a surface or skin that has been in contact with athlete's foot, your chance of contracting this contagious fungal infection is high.

Are you failing at keeping your eczema under control with over-the-counter topical ointments and at-home remedies? Let us take a look at your skin.

The cause of chronic hives can be hard to pinpoint as they can form from an allergic reaction to a food, medicine, or an unknown irritant.

Our team at Advanced Dermatology has experienced medical professionals who are known for dramatically improving skin pigment issues, like melasma.

Any sudden change that appears within your nails or toenails, such as thickening or discoloration, may be a sign of an underlying health problem.

At Advanced Dermatology, we accommodate all patients with contagious skin conditions, like ringworm, with a professional evaluation and treatment.

The light and/or dark patches of tinea versicolor, a noncontagious fungal infection, can make its mark on your back, upper arms, neck, and chest.

In more severe cases of lichen sclerosus, the skin (customarily on the genitals) has white patches that may turn into itchy sores and bleed.

Not sure why you are losing your hair? Consult with Advanced Dermatology to find answers and learn more about the solutions we offer for hair loss.

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