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What are Nail Disorders?

Nail disorders change the appearance or condition of your fingernails and toenails. They may be caused by a bacterial or fungal infection, virus, or an underlying medical condition. If you discover a change in your fingernails or toenails, schedule an appointment with our experienced dermatology teams in Katy, Pearland, League City, or Sugar Land, TX. We can diagnose and treat your ingrown nails, fungal infections, and dark spots in the nails. We can also evaluate your nail beds (skin under the nail) for skin cancer. Most patients do not realize that nails on the thumbs, big toes, and index fingers are the most at risk for developing skin cancer. We would be happy to take a look and get your nails back to their healthiest state again.

What Causes nail disorders?

During your exam, one of our practitioners will examine your nails to determine the cause. While a physical exam is usually enough, a sample of your nail or cuticle may be taken for a better diagnosis. Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections are common causes, but it can also be signaling that something is wrong elsewhere in your body.

What are the Symptoms of nail disorders?

If you have concerns about the appearance or condition of your nails, you should schedule an appointment at Advanced Dermatology. Some of the customary symptoms of a nail disorder are inflammation under and around your nails, a change in the color of your nails, brittle or thin nails that split, and nails that look bumpy or grooved. In some cases, a nail disorder may cause pain in your nails, making it difficult to hold objects, put your hands in water, write, or type.

How Are Nail Disorders Diagnosed?

Nail disorders are typically diagnosed through a combination of visual examination, medical history review, and sometimes additional tests. During a visual examination, a member of our Houston, TX team will inspect the nails for abnormalities such as changes in color, texture, shape, or thickness. They may also assess the surrounding skin and inquire about symptoms like pain, itching, or inflammation. A medical history review helps identify any underlying conditions or factors that may contribute to nail disorders, such as fungal infections, trauma, systemic diseases, or medication use. In some cases, additional tests such as nail clippings for fungal culture, skin biopsy, or blood tests may be necessary to confirm the diagnosis or rule out other potential causes.

How are nail disorders treated?

For your first clinical visit, we ask that you please remove all nail polish (even clear). We want to be able to see the nail in its most natural form. If the condition affects your fingernails or toenails, please remove any nail polish before your appointment.

During your appointment, your practitioner will perform a thorough exam to determine the type of nail disorder and if there's an underlying condition. Our team will go over your treatment options based on your diagnosis. You may be prescribed an antibiotic for a bacterial nail infection or antifungal medicine for fungal infections. Anti-inflammatory creams are also common treatments for nail disorders. We can discuss how to best treat your disorder once a diagnosis is made.

Nail Disorders FAQ

Are there specific nails that are more susceptible to disorders?
Yes, it's been observed that the nails on the thumbs, big toes, and index fingers are the most at risk for developing skin cancer, which is a type of nail disorder.

What should I do to prepare for my first clinical visit for nail disorder?
For your initial visit, it's important that all nail polish is removed. This allows the practitioner to see the nail in its most natural state, aiding in proper evaluation.

How can I schedule an appointment if I suspect I have a nail disorder?
If you're worried about the health or appearance of your fingernails or toenails, you can schedule an appointment with one of the practitioners at Advanced Dermatology in the Houston, TX-area. They will assist in determining whether you have a nail disorder and discuss the subsequent steps.

Onward to Healthy Nails

If you're concerned about the appearance or health of your fingernails or toenails, schedule an appointment with one of our dedicated practitioners at Advanced Dermatology. We will determine if you have a nail disorder and discuss your treatment options. Contact Advanced Dermatology in Katy, League City, Pearland, and Sugar Land, TX to get more information on nail disorders or to schedule your appointment.

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