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About Lesion Removal

At Advanced Dermatology, our medical teams in Katy, League City, Pearland, and Sugar Land, TX offer lesion removal for benign growth (after an in-depth skin evaluation). A variety of techniques can be used for lesion removal, including laser, freezing, and shaving. During your consultation, your provider at Advanced Dermatology will examine your skin condition to determine which technique is the best one for you. There are many different types of lesions, including moles, warts, skin tags, and keratosis. Sometimes skin lesions are raised and create a bump or can lie beneath the skin's surface and cause a dark spot. While most skin lesions are not a cause for concern, patients often decide to have them removed for cosmetic reasons or to avoid skin irritation and discomfort.

Skin lesions are quite common and many of them are benign, having no indications or signs that it will grow to be malignant. The sizes of these lesions will vary and are usually found among elderly people. Most of these skin lesion colors will range from brown to beige or black. We offer removal strategies that range from the least invasive to surgical options that have to go deep down into your skin. Your health and comfort are top priorities at Advanced Dermatology.

Ideal Candidates for lesion removal

Lesion removal is a procedure that is ideal for men and women who have a mole, wart, skin tag, or keratosis. It is commonly performed for both cosmetic and medical reasons. The best candidates typically meet the following criteria:

  • Are experiencing chronic skin irritation
  • Desire the removal of one or more skin lesions
  • Feel self-conscious about their appearance
  • Have a lesion that may be cancerous or benign
  • Have a skin lesion in a prominent area on the body, such as the nose, chin, cheeks, or hands

Types of Benign Skin Growths

If any of these types of benign skin growths are a concern for you, please contact us at Advanced Dermatology today for a personal evaluation of what we can do for you.

This is a closed capsule or sac-like structure on the skin that may be filled with liquid, gaseous, or semi-solid material. Cysts are caused by several factors, including infectious, genetic, and other types of causes, which can result in different kinds of cysts.

One of the more common noncancerous benign skin growths, this skin lesion is often associated with older adults. A keratosis would usually appear light tan, brown, or black in color and can be found on the face, chest, back, or shoulders of an individual.

These types of moles are benign skin growths that occur whenever pigment cells (or melanocytes) grow in clusters. The majority of adults usually have 10 – 40 common moles on their bodies.

These are benign tumors that are made of fat tissue and are often soft to the touch, painless, and movable. It would often occur just below the skin but can also be found much deeper. Most lipomas would have a size less than 5 cm and are commonly located on the abdomen, shoulders, and upper back.

Skin tags
These are small, soft, and benign skin growths that are often the single most common bump found on the skin of an adult. Skin tags are not harmful to a person but can be annoying to an individual as they tend to occur on the eyelids, groin folds, neck, and below the breasts.

These are growths in the skin that are often fairly rough and small. They are caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV, which produces an excess amount of keratin that stimulates rapid cell growth on the outer layer of the skin.

What Are the Benefits of Lesion Removal?

Our patients in Houston, TX generally notice a wide array of advantages from undergoing lesion removal at Advanced Dermatology. Typically, these advantages include:

  • Improved comfort
  • Very safe
  • Increased overall health
  • Numerous treatment types available

Our Treatment Technique

Lesion removal is performed on-site under local anesthesia in our minor procedures room. The method used will be dependent on the location, depth, and size of the lesion. Some lesions can be easily removed with a simple shaving technique or laser treatment, but others may require a deeper excision. The method that is most ideal for your skin condition will be determined during your initial consult. Regardless of the approach, our practitioners will do their best to minimize scarring as much as possible.

What to Expect after lesion removal

After your procedure, the treatment area may feel sensitive and uncomfortable. These symptoms usually begin to fade within a few days. Over-the-counter pain medication may be used to ease discomfort. If you received stitches, you should avoid washing or rubbing the stitches and follow all post-treatment instructions provided by Advanced Dermatology. Typically, the skin will scab over and heal within 2 – 3 weeks with proper aftercare and application of topical medication.

Lesion Removal FAQ

Does skin lesion removal hurt?

During your procedure, you might experience a heated sensation near the treatment area. We can apply a topical numbing cream to help reduce discomfort. By using the proper wavelength and pulse, you shouldn't experience much pain.

How much does skin lesion removal cost?

The cost of skin lesion removal will depend on several things, including treatment area, the size of the lesion, and more. We will discuss the cost at your consultation.

How long will skin lesion removal take?

Your skin lesion removal treatment will take 30 minutes to an hour. The time needed for the excision process will depend on the lesion type, placement, and size. Most patients only need one session; however, you may require multiple sessions based on your needs.

Let's Eliminate That Growth

Once our dermatology teams deem your skin growth to be harmless, you can plan out your treatment to remove the benign lesion from your skin. We offer appointments and treatments at all four of our Advanced Dermatology locations in Katy, League City, Pearland, and Sugar Land, TX. Please call today.

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