Eight Habits That Could Be Causing Your Acne Flares

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Whether you experience occasional blemishes or frequent breakouts, acne affects everyone. At Advanced Dermatology in the Greater Houston area, we offer tips and advice so patients can deal with stubborn acne. Learn what causes acne to flare up by contacting our offices in Sugar Land, Katy, Pearland, and League City, TX. With a skin analysis, we can create a custom treatment plan for you.

What causes acne to flare up?

So, what causes acne to flare up? Breakouts happen when pores become blocked by dead skin cells and oil build-up. Blocked pores result in bacteria overgrowth, which causes the redness and irritation associated with acne. During a consultation with Advanced Dermatology, we can examine your skin and ask about your lifestyle habits. Using this information, we can determine your acne causes and take the right steps toward treatment.

1. Hormonal changes

Teens and adolescents are not the only ones who get acne. Women going through pregnancy or menopause have flare-ups more frequently than others. If you are starting or stopping hormone-based birth control, you may also get acne. Even though you cannot do much to avoid hormonal changes, you can still benefit from treatment.

2. Genetics

Some families simply have a genetic tendency to overproduce oil that leads to clogged pores. This means if you have parents or siblings in the Greater Houston area that struggle with acne, you are more likely to develop acne as well. Heredity also explains why some individuals get breakouts even with no other outside triggers.

3. Acne and diet

It can be challenging to cut certain foods from your diet, but many dermatologists agree that diet affects your skin. Dairy and refined sugar are just a couple of examples of foods that make acne breakouts worse. People can cancel out the effects of acne and diet by eating well and drinking plenty of water.

4. Makeup products

Some makeup contains excess oil or other ingredients that lead to acne. Instead, try searching for cosmetics that are not designed to block your pores. To achieve clearer skin, remember to wash your face of all makeup products, including foundation and blush, before going bed each night.

5. Hair products

Not all hair products are created equal. Some products are oily and seep down onto your forehead throughout the day. Make sure you wash your hair after using hair products to keep excess oil from your face. You can also read the labels beforehand to make sure they contain oil-free ingredients.

6. A dirty pillowcase

Breakouts can even happen in your sleep! A dirty pillowcase is full of bacteria and oil that can seep into your pores overnight. To prevent this issue, remember to wash your bedding frequently. You can also consider showering in the evening instead of the morning so you go to bed with a fresh, clean face.

7. Washing multiple times a day

Washing your face too often can irritate your skin and trigger blemishes. A gentle wash in the morning and at night is ideal for cleaning pores. Do not exfoliate too often and avoid the harsh textures of products like washcloths or loofahs. Your doctor at Advanced Dermatology can make specific recommendations about how often to wash your face.

8. Poor lifestyle habits

Some habits seem small but make a significant impact on the skin. For example, smoking damages your skin and makes acne worse. Patients should invest in a healthy lifestyle filled with positive habits. This includes eating healthy, working out, staying hydrated, and visiting a skilled dermatologist to find out which products make the most of your skin.

Learn about other acne causes

Advanced Dermatology is proud to offer the best acne treatment options in Sugar Land, Katy, Pearland, and League City, TX. Whether you want to learn more about acne causes or the relationship between acne and diet, our professionals can help. Contact us today and get on the path toward clearer skin.

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