Know Before You Go: Five Facts About Dermal Fillers

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Do you want the secret to more luscious lips? This has become a well-known trend in the celebrity world, with magazine covers and television shows featuring women with plump, curvy lips. At Advanced Dermatology, with multiple locations throughout the Greater Houston area including Sugar Land, Pearland, Katy, and the newest office in League City, TX, we are known for offering premium cosmetic treatments with instant results.

Plump lips are not just for celebrities. With the increased accessibility of dermal and facial fillers, fulfilling your wishes is just one appointment away. So what can face fillers do for you? Advanced Dermatology addresses this question and more with these five facts about dermal fillers. Read below and schedule an appointment today so you can feel more confident in your own skin!

1. Each injection plan is personalized

Dermal fillers are made from hyaluronic acid or collagen, which are natural substances found in the body. People often use face fillers to treat early signs of aging and fine lines as well as boost the volume in the lips and cheeks. During your consultation, your injector will assess your face, listen to your concerns, and explain how each filler works. Once we determine the look you desire, we will create a personalized plan to move forward with treatment. You will be given information on what to expect during the injections so you are fully prepared.

Greater Houston-area patients in Sugar Land, Pearland, Katy, and League City, TX, who want to enhance their lips desire a fuller and more youthful look. Some prefer to improve their natural lips slightly, while others would like more dramatic results. The experienced staff at Advanced Dermatology understands the anatomy of the lips and will provide an assessment to help determine which lip filler will work best for your goals.

2. The consultation is quick and easy

Just like other areas of the face, the lips can show signs of aging. Thinning lips or lips that have lost shape over time can be corrected with dermal fillers. With lip injections, there is minimal pain during the treatment. We may provide numbing cream to the lips beforehand. After the injection sites are cleaned and marked, a member of our staff will administer the facial filler. Injections usually take about 15 – 30 minutes at any of our Greater Houston-area facilities, so you can return to your day as normal after your appointment.

Many people turn to celebrity faces in magazine spreads to determine their desired look before getting dermal fillers. However, this may not be the best choice for you. Every face is unique, which means your new lip size should be based on your facial structure and appearance. Feel free to bring photos to your consultation, but remember to be open to recommendations for a style that will complement your face and not someone else’s.

3. There is no downtime needed

Another fact about dermal fillers is that they are much easier than getting implants or plastic surgery. You can have the procedure done during your lunch break. When you get dermal fillers at Advanced Dermatology at our newest location in League City, TX, it is a simple process that gets results in less recovery time. You may experience some redness and swelling for the first few days, but this is easily managed. Strenuous activity, such as exercise, should be avoided for the rest of the day. Try not to touch or push down on your face as this may alter your final outcome.

4. Facial fillers can become part of your regular skin care routine

In addition to fighting wrinkles and lines on the face, dermal fillers can correct a number of beauty concerns related to the lips. Advanced Dermatology frequently provides lip augmentation for the following reasons and concerns:

  • Diminished lip volume

  • Lines or wrinkles along the lips

  • A less-than-defined lip border

  • Asymmetrical lips

Though the results of face fillers can be seen almost instantly, they do not last forever. Most fillers last from 6 – 12 months. Many of our patients like to schedule routine or annual touch-ups at one of our four facilities throughout the Greater Houston, TX, area. These appointments will keep your lips looking fresh year-round.

5. Start slow, then grow

Our final fact about facial fillers? While some result in a dramatic change, others can be more natural and subtle. Advanced Dermatology offers several types of fillers that tackle age-related volume loss, such as Juvéderm®, Radiesse®, and Restylane®, resulting in a softer, plumper appearance without going over the top. Advanced Dermatology will offer advice on what will give you the most flattering look. If you’re still unsure, beginners can take the conservative route with smaller injections so they know what to expect during the process. After that, it’s easy to add more filler until you are completely satisfied with the results.

Now you know!

Get the perfect pout you’ve been dreaming of. Facial fillers are a fantastic option used by the professionals at Advanced Dermatology in League City, Sugar Land, Pearland, and Katy, TX. We take a comprehensive approach to cosmetic treatments and provide the highest level of care for patients. As an award-winning practice in the Greater Houston area, we are recognized for our experience in delivering unparalleled care. Discuss your desired outcome with our staff by scheduling your consultation at any of our four Texas locations today.

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