How to Improve Your Skin’s Tone and Texture


Uneven skin tone and texture can be a result of sun exposure, hormones, blemishes or general aging. The best anti-aging routines address all aspects the aging process, including skin texture and tone. So, if you’re diligent about maintaining your Botox and filler appointments don’t neglect your skin texture! We sat down with Advanced Dermatology licensed medical aesthetician and skincare expert, Siti Yahya, for her tips and tricks for maintaining a clear, smooth complexion.

What are some easy at-home remedies that you recommend to keep complexions looking healthy and glowing?

As easy as drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep! Clinical studies have proven that inadequate sleep results in accelerated skin aging and also diminishes the skin’s ability to repair at night to recover from sun and pollution damage.

What types of cleansers are best for aging skin? What ingredients should we look for?

I honestly feel you should invest more on the core anti-aging products than on a facial cleanser. However, if you like to keep your skincare regimen simple then look for cleansers that contain alpha hydroxy acid and/or beta hydroxy acids to include glycolic acid, salicylic acid, etc. AHA/BHAs cleansers are gentle enough to use daily to lightly exfoliate skin to keep it smooth and glowing.

What topical skincare products do you recommend for patients concerned with aging?

My favorite anti-aging products include: EltaMD UV Physical sunscreen for daily protection against damaging environmental effects, MDRejuvena Rejuvenating Complex to achieve overall skin radiance and reduction in fine lines and Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Repair to restore the look of skin fullness, texture, and pore appearance. I also recommend pairing your daily skin care routine with the Tria laser for optimal at home maintenance!

Your favorite in-office treatments for improving skin tone and texture?

Fraxel is the gold standard in achieving healthy, glowing skin tone and smooth skin texture. Followed by my other favorite cosmetic procedure, SkinPen, for maintenance treatments every 6-12 months depending on severity of skin texture. The combination of both modalities result in vibrant, healthy skin.

How often do you recommend patients come in to see you to maintain flawless skin tone and texture?

Maintenance follow up varies depending on the cosmetic procedure. However, I highly recommend coming in for maintenance treatment every 2-3 months even if it is just for a light chemical peel to support your at home skin care routine.

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– Siti Yahya, Licensed Medical Aesthetician, Advanced Dermatology Houston

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