Galderma – Facial Aging | Advanced Dermatology Houston

Learn more about facial aging and the solutions that can help reduce the signs aging skin.


Narrator: A new survey finds that women across the generations experience a disconnect between how young they feel and how old they look. More than 80% of women in the survey say their faces show signs of aging. Changes in the underlying structure of the face are the main culprits in facial aging. These are the changes that cause women to look into the mirror and see an image they no longer consider youthful.

Narrator: You can see the effects of aging in this 50-something mother and her 20-something daughter during routine facial assessments by specialists. Notice how different areas of the face change with age because of bone lost, fat redistribution, and loss of collagen. The younger face appears almost as a single structure with smooth facial contours and very little shadowing between the various areas of the face. With aging, changes in both surface and subsurface structures of the face cause separation of these areas. In normal ambient light, age brings undesirable shadows that appear at various locations on the face.

Narrator: The goal of aesthetic correction is to help individuals be the best version of themselves with a youthful natural-looking result over time. Conversations about aging need to be more than skin-deep. Talk with your trusted specialist about having a facial assessment. To develop your plan for natural-looking results and a more youthful appearance, download the Ageless Face Visualizer app from iTunes to see different Galderma treatment options for you, and join a Aspire Galderma Rewards today to earn exclusive rewards, bonuses, and discounts so you can feel good about looking your best.