Dr. Sherry Ingraham's Skincare Routine 2017 - Prevent, Protect and Repair

Watch as Dr. Sherry Ingraham explains why it's important for everyone—men, women, young and old—to prevent, protect and repair your skin with the right topical skincare regimen. Depending on your skin concerns, here are some of Dr. Ingraham's favorite skincare ingredients: - Sun damage: invest in antioxidants packed with vitamin C that help prevent sun damage and also reverse signs of sun aging like brown spots - Acne prone skin: look for ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) or benzoyl peroxide - Oily skin: clay masks 2x per week (be careful not to overuse!) - Dry skin: cleanse with soap-free cleansers, products that are created to maintain the PH balance of the skin like micellar waters, and products that contain moisturizing lipids - Anti-aging: apply a retinoid every other night, if you're prone to dry or sensitive skin, use a moisturizer on top of the retinol, and of course, sun protection of SPF 30 or higher.