Dr. Sherry Ingraham on Restylane Silk Lip Injections

Dr. Sherry Ingraham of Advanced Dermatology demonstrates a NEW FDA approved lip injection that only five doctors in Texas are licensed to use. The injectable, Restylane Silk gives a smooth natural look to the lips and lip area.


News Reporter: Welcome back everyone at 9:15. So you've seen the pictures of those lip injections gone wrong. Well now there is a new FDA approved product that's being used by just 65 clinics in the United States and Dr. Sherry Ingraham with Advanced Dermatology is here to show us how it all works.

News Reporter: Welcome.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: You're welcome.

News Reporter: Thanks for being here.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: Thank you.

News Reporter: The first question is going to be what is this, and is it safe?

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: It is safe. This is actually the newest FDA approved injectable filler that's specifically approved for subtle correction of the lips, volumization of the lips and the fine lines around the lips.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: And the reason this product is unique is unlike some of the other hyaluronic acids, it's made of smaller particles that are smoother, so it gives a silky subtle improvement. Hence the name Silk.

News Reporter: Okay. All right. So you are actually going to inject this into-

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: I'm actually going to inject Jodi. And Jodi actually had this injection about a week ago. So you didn't see Jodi's before picture, but we're given her some subtle volume in her lips, and of course we want the lips to look natural. And so there's a technique that we specifically use to maintain that natural look.

News Reporter: So this is the before picture that we're looking at, just before you go ahead and inject her lips. And you mentioned also that it's a correction, right?

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: Right.

News Reporter: Is this to correct a problem, or is it just cosmetic as in, "I want fuller lips."

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: No. You can correct a problem, but most patients are coming in because they want subtle enhancement. As we age, this naturally occurring hyaluronic acid that is in our bodies goes away, and we lose some of the volume in our lips. And we also lose some of our natural underlying boney and muscular support structures. And so our mouths become a little bit involuted in some patients. Their lips will turn in.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: So we want to actually evert the lip. We want to give it that nice eversion, as well as sometimes define what we call the white roll, which is this nice reflective tissue you seeing along the edge of the lip. And so we do that with a series of really nice slow and superficial injections. And so, again, Jodi had this treatment about a week ago. So I'm just touching up an area that needs a little bit more volumization. And as you can see, she's tolerating this very well.

News Reporter: And when you're touching up Doctor, I want to mention that you're squeezing the lip as well with that left hand.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: Very subtly. With this product in particular, you don't want to massage this product a lot. It's such a superficially placed product and such a light product that it actually doesn't need a lot of manipulation or smoothing after it's injected, unlike some of the bigger particled hyaluronic acids.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: You can also put this product above the lip and fan it out in this upper cutaneous lip area. So for patients who have smoker's lines, fine lines around the lip, even due to sun damage, it does beautifully when we put a thin sheet in the upper cutaneous lip area.

News Reporter: What is the cost for something like that?

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: The cost because this product is... You want to hold that there Jodi for a moment. Because this product is just now coming out on the market, we're really only going to have it available next week in our clinics, a small group of 65 physicians in the country. There's about five physicians in Texas that'll have it next week including our practice. You're probably looking at something in the five to $650 range per syringe I would imagine. Which is comparable to what Restylane is now. But again it's up to the provider how they're going to charge.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: The nice thing also about this product is it takes such a small amount. Truly one syringe will treat to the correction you're looking for in the lip.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: So you want to show Jodi's lips? You can see... and you didn't see her befores, but what we've given Jodi is a beautiful cupid's bow with this product, a nice fuller lower lip. And those are two things in an aging lip that tend to go first. And so-

News Reporter: All right. There's the before and then of course we're looking at the after which is right now. And Jodi you certainly took it like a champ. I was cringing for you over here just because of the looks from that needle. But just tell me what it felt like.

Jodi: It feels like a little stick of the needle. You don't really feel a whole lot of pressure and there's just a slight burn, but it's not anything like the old products. It's very... It feels good. I mean it doesn't feel good but it doesn't hurt.

News Reporter: So when you see the after, and you look at yourself in the mirror, do you feel different or...

Jodi: I do. It feels like you put that volume back in that was there maybe 10, 15 years ago.

News Reporter: Would you recommend it for other patients?

Jodi: Absolutely.

News Reporter: What if they're scared of needles?

Jodi: We numb. We numb the lips, and we've got lots of techniques to do that, to keep it very comfortable for the patients. So I would recommend it to anybody, even someone who is scared of injections.

News Reporter: And Dr. Ingraham, of course you're so calm and very gentle with her-

Jodi: Absolutely.

News Reporter: ... as we just saw.

News Reporter: So thank you all so much for being here.

Jodi: Thank you.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: Thank you for having us.

News Reporter: Awesome. We'll leave you with one last look of the before and after.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: Yeah, you can really see her upper lip I think needed some volumization. I think that's where on Jodi you can see the most improvement. And Jodi's had other fillers in her lips before, and I think we were talking about this product, this new Restylane Silk is so much softer and more natural. You don't feel that bulk and that swelling with this product. And it doesn't have that rigidity, so it just feels more natural and smooth-

News Reporter: Very nice.

Dr. Sherry Ingraham: ... which is nice.

News Reporter: We'll be right back.