What You Need to Know About Rashes

Rashes can be characterized as something that affects the skin by changing its texture, appearance or color. A rash can affect whole areas of a person’s skin or may be localized to a single body part. Rashes can be itchy on the skin, change in color, feel bumpy, warm, cracked, blistered, dry or swollen.

A person who is suffering from a rash may feel irritated or pain while others would usually just be concerned with how it looks. Rashes are common conditions dermatologically and come in different types. Depending on what caused a rash, it can take weeks to heal up or just a few days. It is always important to visit your local medical provider to give you the right diagnosis and rash treatment options to be safe.

Types of Common Rashes

Contact Dermatitis

This is a type of common rash that results from being exposed to irritants or allergens in the environment. It is a localized rash that is caused when a foreign substance comes in contact with the skin. Only the outer layer of the skin is affected when a person has contact dermatitis.

Atopic Dermatitis

Also known as eczema, this is a condition which causes one’s skin to become itchy and red. Children can commonly have such a rash, but it can also happen at any time even for adults. Atopic Dermatitis, unlike most common rashes, can last for a long time and will tend to flare up every now and then.


This is a general term that is used to describe a skin inflammation. It would usually involve reddened skin and an itchy, swollen rash.

Heat Rash

This usually occurs when a person’s sweat glands are blocked, and the sweat that is produced cannot reach the surface of the skin to evaporate. The resulting inflammation would then be called a common rash.


Also known as Urticaria, Hives are an outbreak of pale, red and swollen bumps or plaques that are found on the skin. This can be the result of certain allergens affecting the body or for unknown factors.

Lichen Planus

This is an inflammatory condition affecting the skin, nails, mucous membranes and hair of a person. Lichen Planus usually appears on the skin as purple-colored bumps that build up over several weeks and can often be itchy.

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Rash Treatment Options

Since there are varying causes for these rashes, the rash treatment options will also depend on what caused it. The diagnosis process will have to consider things such as the occupation of a person, their family history, the appearance of the rash and so on.

Common over the counter remedies includes topical hydrocortisone or a mild cleanser. The majority of common rashes is not dangerous but can be an indication of serious conditions.

If you start to experience trouble breathing, dizziness or confusion, it is best to seek the help of a trusted medical provider immediately. You can give us a call now or send us an email to let us know about your condition today.


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