Understanding Skin Pigment Issues

When there are changes in one’s skin color that seem to be irregular, this can be caused by a wide range of factors and has its corresponding treatments as well. People of any race, age or gender can get skin pigment issues. The pigmentation of the skin can change either only in one area of the skin or can be widespread too. Even if most of these pigmentation problems are not harmful, some of them may cause psychological or cosmetic problems with the individual.

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What Causes Skin Pigmentation Issues?

The amount of melanin in our skin will determine the color that it shows outwardly. People who have fair skin are the ones producing less melanin compared to those with darker skin tones.

Most of the time, melanin would be distributed evenly throughout the body. However, there are also cases where melanin can gather heavily in specific areas of the body which can cause abnormal skin pigmentation such as age spots, melasma and freckles. When the melanin rates of a person become very low, the result will be hypopigmentation. On the contrary, lack of melanin is called depigmentation.

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Types of Skin Pigment Issues

  • Hypopigmentation – This is the type of skin pigment issue that is lighter in color than what’s normal. It is a result of a lack of melanin in the skin.
  • Hyperpigmentation – This is skin that is darker than normal and it occurs due to an excess of melanin.
  • Depigmentation – Among the types of skin pigment issues, this is the one that is most unique. It happens because of the loss of skin pigment and the skin will appear white in color. Albinism is an example of depigmentation.

Skin Pigmentation Treatment Options

The types of treatment when it comes to skin pigment issues will depend on the type and severity of such skin problems. Here are a few examples of skin pigmentation treatment options available today:


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