o-WOMAN-ADULT-ACNE-facebookIf so, then you are not alone: 40 to 50 million people in the U.S. are affected by some form of acne every day; in fact, 85% of people will suffer with acne at some point in their lives. Contrary to popular belief, however, acne is not a normal condition that is just part of growing up. It is a medical condition that is highly treatable, and more importantly preventable, thus avoiding scarring and permanent changes to the texture of the skin.

In nearly all cases, acne is a direct result of hormonal fluctuations regardless of a patient’s age or gender. Whether it occurs on the face, neck or body, acne results from the same three factors; hair follicles (pores) in the skin overproduce oil, become blocked or clogged, and harbor the growth of a specific bacteria called p. acnes. The lesions that result can range from small nearly invisible bumps on the skin’s surface to deep tender red or even purple nodules. For most people, acne falls somewhere in the middle with any combination of blackheads, pus bumps and cysts.

Aside from the distressing appearance of acne, the chronic nature of the condition can be extremely frustrating, especially given the permanent skin changes that often result even after acne has resolved. These include large prominent pores, irregular skin texture, scarring and uneven skin tone.

Given that there are numerous, highly effective treatment options for acne, there is little benefit from waiting for things to resolve on their own. Seek the attention of a dermatologist as soon as acne develops in order to receive the best care for your particular case.

The board certified dermatologists at Advanced Dermatology & Skin Care can treat and prevent acne through a variety of treatment options tailored to address your specific needs. Aside from prescription therapies, we educate patients about their condition including proper skin care now and in the future to keep skin looking its absolute best.