Common Problem: SHAVE BUMPS


It’s itchy, painful and can be a terrible nuisance. Dr. Sherry Ingraham says a very common problem for men and women is shave bumps, otherwise known as pseudofoliiculitis. You can do a few things to keep your skin smooth and pain free.

First thing, Dr. Ingraham says ditch that double or triple blade razor and use a single blade razor to shave if bumps are a problem.

“The more blades, the closer the shave you will get. When the hair is shaved that closely, the hair retracts into the skin and when it grows back out, it will often grow out sideways and that is when a shave bump can occur,” said Dr. Ingraham, “It’s a trade off. If you want a smoother shave, you will be more prone to shave bumps,” she added.

Avoid picking shave bumps, this can lead to scarring and potential infection.

Also, do not use soap based cleansers.

“Soap can disturb the skin barrier and make it more prone to irritation,” said Dr. Ingraham, “Clean the skin with a synthetic cleanser – anything that says ‘soap free’ on the label. Then, immediately after shaving, reseal the skin barrier with a good barrier protecting lotion such as Cerave.”

For those who still get a light rash, Dr. Ingraham recommends applying a weak over the counter steroid to the rash. If that doesn’t help, Dr. Ingraham says there could be an infection involved and you will need to get a prescription from a dermatologist.

One of the best ways to prevent shave bumps altogether or for those who develop scarring is to receive laser hair removal treatments. The skilled dermatologists at Advanced Dermatology have extensive training in the proper use of lasers.